Pics From Training and Racing 2016

Our first full calendar year in Colorado is coming to a close and it has been a great one! It was exciting to be able to get out and explore the more scenic areas as the weather warmed up and the rides got longer. One of my favorite rides now is the route up Big Thompson Canyon, then through Glen Haven to get to Estes Park, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. One of my favorite runs is the Thursday evening Towers Road Time Trial with Fort Collins Trail Runners. It’s a brutal but rewarding 3.4 mile climb from 5,600′ elevation to a little over 7,000′. Fort Collins is feeling a little bit more like a home now and I’m beginning to know the roads well.

The racing year was great and I saw improvement in all three sports. I raced five half iron distance races and one full Ironman: 70.3 Texas, 70.3 Boulder, 70.3 Coeur d’Alene, Wildlife Loop Triathlon in South Dakota, 70.3 Austin, and Ironman Arizona. I lowered my personal best 70.3 time to 4:05 and my IM time to 8:37. Now for some down time and to plan out next year!


Pics from Training & Racing 2015

Part of what I love about training is getting out there and seeing things at a different pace than in a car. The last two years, I’ve also traveled throughout the country for work and I always try to get out for a run to get a vibe for where I am. This year, in order, I ran or biked in:

Houston, TX
Clearwater, FL
Miami, FL
Jacksonville, FL
San Juan, PR
Aurora, CO
Boulder, CO
Park City, UT
Fort Collins, CO
Columbus, OH
Leawood, KS
Knoxville, TN
Ogden, UT
Rapid City, SD
Oakley, KS
Columbia, MO
Louisville, KY
Austin, TX
Panama City, FL
Dallas, TX
New Orleans, LA
Gilbert, AZ

Sheesh! I certainly didn’t get a pic from each location, but it’s kind of cool to tally them up. Most pics are from the two locations we lived this year, Austin and Fort Collins. Another year has come to a close, but I look forward to adding to my 2016 album as I explore our new home state of Colorado!


Pics from Training/Racing, Jan – June 2014

Pics From Training, June – December 2013

I take a lot of pics when out training and periodically upload them. A bit late on the upload here but this is the second half of 2013…First half of the year can be found here. A bicycle or running shoes can take you to some beautiful places!

2013 Training Totals & Averages

This year was the most extensive training log I’ve kept and it was fascinating and motivational to track it all. These numbers specifically may not be useful for most people, but for me, I can look back in my log and potentially figure out why I had a particularly good or bad race. When you can see the layout of several weeks, it’s much easier to spot patterns that may contribute to certain training effects. I simply created my log in Excel so I could decide exactly what I wanted to track, and it’s pretty easy to input formulas so totals and averages are automatically calculated. Here’s all (perhaps too much?) of the “fun” stuff I calculated based off of 2013’s log.

Total swim dist: 342,784 meters
Total number of swims: 139
Average distance per swim: 2,466 meters
Longest swim: 6,130 yards (the strange distance can be attributed to this swim taking place in a 30y pool)

Total bike dist: 6,857.8 miles in 342 hours, 22 minutes
Total number of rides: 161
Average distance per week: 131.9 miles
Average distance per ride: 42.6 miles
Average speed: 19.56mph*
Longest distance ride: 130.1mi
Longest duration ride: 6hrs, 31min (125mi, hillier than the 130mi)
Biggest bike week: 358.2mi in 6 rides
*this includes 90 miles of mountain biking

Total run dist: 1,301.6 miles in 150 hours, 23 minutes
Total number of runs: 157
Average pace: 6:56/mi
Average distance per week: 25 miles
Average distance per run: 8.3 miles
Longest run (outside of a race): 20.6mi
Biggest run week: 58 miles in 5 runs

Total training hours for the year: 614 hours, 39 minutes
Average total hours per week: 11 hours, 49 minutes
Total number of sessions: 457 = 8.8 workouts per week*
*this includes triathlons, so not sure if that should be counted as one session

The fact that I took some training time from running (my strength) and put it towards swimming (my weakness) showed this year. I was focused on two Ironman-distance races this year, and I saw a well-balanced 9hr race for me coming out to 1hr swim, 5hr bike, and 3hr run (obviously excluding transitions). This means swim = 11% of finish time, bike = 55%, run = 33%. An athlete who is equally strong in all three sports may want to split up training in a similar fashion. In order to work on my swim though, I increased volume there and basically maintained my strong run, and my ratios were: swim – 18.5%, bike – 57%, run – 24.5%, based on the year’s totals.

Due to off-season weeks being well under 10 hours at times, I was somewhat surprised to see my average hours per week at close to 12 hours, but there were many weeks over 20 hours (none over 24) before each Ironman which brought that average back up. Overall, I’m happy with my consistency this year and it was bigger than 2012 by 28% in terms of total training hours. No doubt, this has to do with doing two Ironman races in one year rather than one last year, but I’m glad I was able to handle it all well.

I’m excited to have another year of experience and extensive endurance training under my belt as it all counts towards the future. I’m very excited for what 2014 has in store with plenty of new races in our new location in Austin!

Pictures From Training, Jan – May 2013