Racelab is an endurance sports coaching company based in Scottsdale, AZ. Although, I’d say “company” is the wrong word because it’s not a massive conglomerate of dozens of coaches that send out cookie-cutter training plans. Bettina completes all of the training schedules herself and the training plans are tailored/individualized for each athlete. In her 15+ years of experience, she has coached hundreds of athletes to meet their goals, from first time 5k runners to elite triathletes. Not only does she make the training plans, she is a fantastic person to talk to when you have doubts about your ability or other concerns. She addresses nutrition (in-race and every day diet), pacing, heart rate strategies, and mental preparation. She might as well be a sports psychologist to successfully deal with my headcase tendencies. Gus, Bettina’s husband, has helped to establish Racelab’s training methodologies. Perhaps due to his aerospace engineering background, he has a very analytical and realistic approach to most things from heart-rate based training to swim technique to bike fit and aerodynamics.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of Racelab’s Racing Team and there’s a reason I have stuck with and believed in their training methods since 2004. Since racing with them, I haven’t had a race that I would classify as “bad,” given my fitness level. Sure, there are times that I would consider “slow” compared to my potential, but that was always from a lack of fitness due to my personal endeavors and schedule. Every time I stick to the training plan and race plan, I have a good race. I’ve run four marathons, none involving the dreaded “wall.” By following the race plan, I managed to negative-split the Boston Marathon, well known for its hills late in the race. I’ve continually set personal best times at 10k, half marathon, marathon, olympic distance triathlon, and half ironman while under Racelab guidance. The most recent big race was my debut Ironman time of 9:04:44, resulting in a win in the 25-29 age group and a slot to the Ironman World Championships, as well as 4th overall amateur. With the unpredictability of Ironman distance triathlons, Bettina has been extremely successful at not only getting athletes across the finish line, but also at getting the athletes to have very strong, evenly paced Ironman races. 17 Racelab athletes were coached for Ironman Arizona 2011 and 17 finished – 12 of them as first-timers. If you’re signed up for any kind of race from 5k to Ironman and you’re looking to break some barriers with top-notch coaching, I suggest you check ’em out!

Information about Racelab can be found at http://www.racelab.com, or call 480-502-9975. I coach with Racelab out of Austin, TX and I can be contacted at josh@racelab.com. More info is here and my coached athletes page is here.

With Gus, Bettina, and Janee

With Gus, Bettina, and Janee in Kona

One thought on “Racelab

  1. Josh, I don’t think we have had the chance to meet, I started training with Racelab 4 months ago and tonight I just completed my first Marathon. Bettina, gus and the entire Racelab team are the best! their like family and Bettina gave the blueprint for success. I look forward to meeting you your an amazing athlete.

    Matt Harvey

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