I am a USA Triathlon Level I certified coach with a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University in Exercise Science. I recently moved to Fort Collins, CO after two years in Austin, TX. Before that, I lived in Flagstaff, AZ for seven years where I coached Northern Arizona University’s triathlon club (NAU TriJacks) and instructed a Triathlon Training class at NAU. I now continue to coach athletes individually and remotely. My background in distance running goes back to 1997 and I started racing triathlons in 2007. I have qualified for three Ironman World Championships (raced two), raced two 70.3 World Championships, and placed 10th overall at the USAT Duathlon National Championship. Most recently, I won the amateur title at Ironman Texas in 8:55 and took my Elite license for 2016. I couldn’t be more passionate about the sport and it is an absolute dream come true to be able to help athletes meet athletic goals of any magnitude! I coach for Racelab LLC under the wisdom of my own coach of ten years, Bettina Warnholtz. If you’re interested in coaching, I can be contacted at! Web page

**1/10/16 update – I am admittedly behind on updating athlete results, but I am still available to take on athletes. Schedules are sent out via email/Excel, so if in-person coaching is not a necessity, distance coaching/guidance is perfectly doable with email, phone, and text contact at any time.

Individual Athletes:

Patrick D, triathlete, Houston, TX – started January 2014
After a 2011 Ironman Arizona finish, Patrick had a two year hiatus from triathlon, including a shoulder surgery.  He is now back for more in 2014!

  • 4/27/14: Olympic distance Kemah Triathlon, Kemah, TX

Amanda H, triathlete, Flagstaff, AZ
Completed her first triathlon, Mountain Man Sprint, in Flagstaff, AZ

Rachel E, triathlete, Prescott, AZ

  • 3/22/14: Raced first Olympic distance triathlon at Lake Havasu, AZ

Rachel’s testimonial: “I found Josh through various forums recommending triathlon coaches in my area. I’d done sprint tri’s on my own but wanted to complete my first Olympic race and knew I’d benefit from someone with more experience in terms of creating a training plan. From the very beginning, Josh was incredibly helpful, encouraging and receptive to my needs/wants/feedback about how I needed to create and modify my training plan. He created me a 22 week training plan that allowed me to work around my super time demanding work schedule, limited budget, and also that allowed my body enough recovery time as I have previously been injury prone. The whole process, from designing the training plan, modifying it, preparing for the race and the actual race was a huge success. I totally credit Josh with my success in completing my first Olympic, feeling strong doing it, and most importantly being properly prepared so that it was a super fun experience! He was always available and enthusiastic when I had a myriad of newbee questions. Furthermore, his price for the plan/coaching was an incredibly good deal. I can’t recommend him enough and look forward to working with him as I pursue further triathlon goals.”

Allie N, triathlete, Flagstaff, AZ


  • 10/19/14: Soma Triathlon half iron, 23 minute PR
  • 11/16/14: Completed her first full IM (age 22), Ironman Arizona, for 6th in F18-24 age group


  • 1/20/13: PF Changs Rock ‘n Roll Marathon, Phoenix. 4:35, First full marathon.
  • 3/3/13: Desert Classic Duathlon, 2:49
  • 3/23/13: Lake Havasu Triathlon, Olympic, 3rd TriJacks finisher helping team qualify for Collegiate Nationals
  • 4/13/13: Collegiate Triathlon National Championship, 2:34:23, a PR of 17:54


  • 6/3/12: San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, 11min PR
  • 8/12/12: Mountain Man TriathlonCompleted first Half Ironman 
  • 9/8/12: Deuces Wild Triathlon, half iron, 32 minute PR race report
  • 9/23/12: Nathan Tempe Triathlon, olympic, 12 minute PR
  • 12/8/12: Anthem Holiday Classic sprint tri, 1:14:48
  • Next day: Tucson Half Marathon, 6min PR, 18min course PR

Michael V, triathlete, Flagstaff, AZ

  • 10/19/14: Soma Triathlon, half iron, 4:58, PR
  • 9/24/14: Lifetime Tempe Tri, Olympic, PR
  • 8/11/14: Mountain Man Triathlon, Olympic, PR
  • 12/7/13: Raced HITS Palm Springs half iron in 5:09:25, a 50 minute PR over last year

Rachel H, triathlete, Little Rock, AR – Started September 2012

  • 2/2/13: River Trail 15k, 2nd in 20-24 AG, 21st overall female/216
  • 2/9/13: Mississippi River Half Marathon, 2min PR, 3rd in 20-24 AG
  • 3/3/13: Little Rock Marathon, first full: 3:53:41, 6/39 in 20-24 AG
  • 4/6/13: Double Oak Duathlon, 10k run/40k bike/5k run, 3:11. Secured slot for Duathlon Worlds
  • 5/19/13: Memphis In May Triathlon, Olympic: 2:51:19, PR, 3rd in 20-24 AG
  • 4/14-5/23/13: Two Rivers Time Trial Series, 3rd overall female
  • 6/30/13: Riverside Duathlon, 1:02:13, qualified for Duathlon World Championship
  • 7/4/13: Firecracker Fast 5k, 22:52
  • 7/21/13: Shark Fest sprint triathlon, 1:21
  • 8/10/13: Ottawa Duathlon ITU World Championship, 2:42:31


  • 11/22/12:Kingman Turkey Trot 5k, one minute course PR
  • 12/9/12: Fayetteville Half Marathon, 2min PR “on a course that was twice as tough.” Previous PR was from downhill Tucson Half Marathon.


David R, cyclist, Flagstaff, AZ – Started June 2012

  • 5/1/13 – Tour of the Gila, Cat 3:

Day 1: Road Race – 6th place
Day 2: Road Race – 5th place
Day 3: TT – 4th place
Day 4: Criterium – 1st place
Day 5: Road Race – 12th place*

Overall/GC – 6th place
*David was in the lead group when he crashed 3 miles from the finish of Stage 5 (at 36mph!), losing approximately 2 minutes in the process – Luckily he’s okay and it didn’t move him down in the GC standings as much as he expected! Heck of a first 5-day race, and an incredibly hilly one at that!

  • 4/20/13 – Arizona State Road Race Championship – 2nd place Cat 3
  • 3/15/13: Tucson Bicycle Classic Stage Race:

Day 1: TT – 4th place Cat 3
Day 2: Road Race – 34th place cat 3 (Working for teammate)
Day 3: Circuit Race – 4th place Cat 3
Overall/GC – 6th place Cat 3

  • 3/10/13 – South Mountain Hill Climb – 2nd place Cat 3
  • Two hours later:  South Mountain Circuit Race – 1st place cat 3
  • 2/15/13: Valley of the Sun Stage Race:

Day 1: 14.4mi TT – 9th place Cat 3, 31:19, 27.6mph
Day 2: 78mi Road Race – 5th place Cat 3
Day 3: Criterium – 14th place after leading out stage winner
Overall/GC – 8th place

  • 2/2/13: University of Arizona Crit – 7th place Cat 3
  • 2/3/13: Flapjack Flats 20k TT – 2nd place Cat 3
  • 2/9/13: Sun Devil Classic Crit – 4th place Cat 3
  • 2/10/13: McDowell Mountain Circuit Race – 4th place Cat 3


  • 10/6/12: Snowbowl Climb PR, 30:59
  • 9/30/12: Placed 4th Cat 3 at State Hill Climb (10th overall)
  • 8/26/12: Placed 3rd Cat 3 in Mormon Lake Road Race (69 miles) Flagstaff Cycling main page
  • 7/2012: Upgraded to Cat 3
  • 7/6-7/8/2012: Placed 4th Cat 4 in Flagstaff Omnium – 11th in the Snowbowl Hill Climb, 3rd in the road race, and 1st in the Foxboro circuit race

Hannah D, triathlete, Flagstaff, AZ – Started July 2012

  • 3/3/2013: Desert Classic Duathlon, 2:34:36, 2nd in 20-24 AG
  • 3/23/13: Lake Havasu Triathlon, PR, 2:44, first TriJacks finisher, helping team qualify for Collegiate Nationals
  • 4/13/13: Collegiate Triathlon Nationals, 2:28:49, a PR of 15:12
  • 8/12/2012: Mountain Man Triathlon, completed first Half Ironman

Brooke W,runner, Flagstaff, AZ – Started October 2012

  • 2/17/1326.2 with Donna, The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer3:26:09 (7:52/mi), 3rd place in 25-29 age group. Six minute PR, sixth marathon. 

NAU TriJacks – Started January 2012 – Most recent results first:

With some of the team before Nathan Tempe Tri

With some of the team before Nathan Tempe Tri

4/13/13: Collegiate Triathlon National Championship
See summary here

3/23/13: Lake Havasu Triathlon
Hannah D (PR)
Allie N
Lexi F (PR)
Rachel C (first Olympic distance)
Liz W (PR)

Alex K
Andrew D (PR)
Adam S (PR)
Michael V (PR)
Clay P (PR)
Christian P (first Olympic distance)
Blake S (first Olympic distance)
Peter N (PR)
Austin J (first Olympic distance)
Ryan M (PR)
Both teams qualified for Collegiate Triathlon Nationals (Top 7 in Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference)

12/9/12: Tucson Half Marathon
Hannah D (13min PR, same course)
Andrew D (first half marathon, 1:42)
Jenna D (first half marathon, 1:49)
Allie N (6min PR, 18min course PR)

12/8/12: Anthem Holiday Classic (sprint tri)
Rachel C
Hannah D
Allie N

10/20/12: Pumpkinman Triathlon
Alex K (1st overall)
Skylar R
Andrew D
Adam S (run PR)
Kameron W
Marie B
Michael V
Joey M (first triathlon)
Hannah D
Allie N (run PR)
Peter N
Elizabeth W (first triathlon)

Christian P (first triathlon)
Blake S (first triathlon)
Rachel C (first triathlon)
Ryan M (first triathlon)

9/23/12: Nathan Tempe Triathlon
Jacki W
Audrey F
Hannah D
Allie N (12 min PR)
Alex K (9th overall and 3rd age group)
Skylar R
Adam S
Peter N (first triathlon)
Kameron W (first olympic)
Dan W

4/21/12: Frank S represented NAU at Collegiate Triathlon Nationals, finishing in 2:08:02 for 70th overall (over 800 finishers), an improvement of 11:33 and 151 places over last year

3/17/12: Team qualified for USAT Collegiate Triathlon Nationals via Lake Havasu Triathlon; first time qualification was implemented.



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