It’s TerwooRd

Not Terwood 🙂

I grew up in northeast Ohio and after trying (and being lousy at) sports like soccer, wrestling, and basketball, I found my niche in distance running. I ran cross country and track through high school and then enlisted in the Air Force, which brought me out to Phoenix. That’s where, in 2004, I met my current coach, Bettina Warnholtz (Racelab). Since then, we’ve learned that I tend to place proportionately better as the race distance gets longer. I ran my first two marathons in 2005 and 2006 (Air Force Marathon) and while looking for a new challenge, I entered my first triathlon in 2007. Like everyone else, I was hooked on the sport immediately and honed my skills over the next several years before signing up for Ironman Arizona 2011. IMAZ turned out to be one of the most positive, memorable experiences I’ve ever had and I absolutely love the challenge, the training, the mental fortitude, and the smarts it takes to race well at such a distance. As a mediocre high school distance runner, I never imagined I’d be capable of running sub 3-hour marathons off 112 mile bike rides. Now I’m continuing to enjoy the journey and seeing just how fast I can go and how far I can take it!

Physio stats:

Height: 6’1

Weight: 155

Bike VO2max: 74.6ml/kg/min – Endurance Rehab, Scottsdale

Run VO2max: 80.05ml/kg/min – UT Human Performance Lab, Austin

Stroke volume: 185mL

Number completed:

5k – dozens

10k – 7

Half Marathon – 21

Marathon – 4

Sprint Tri – 1

Olympic Tri – 15

Half Ironman – 26

Ironman – 7

Personal bests:

1600 – 4:39

3200 – 9:56

Road 5k – 15:43

Road 10k – 33:44 (2016)

Half Marathon – 1:12:50 (2015)

Marathon – 2:36:26 (2009)

Olympic Tri – 2:02:55

Half Iron – 4:04:31 (2016)

Full Iron – 8:37:52 (2016)

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