Gear and Nutrition Used at 2013 Ironman World Championship

Trisuit: Pactimo Mako
Goggles: Speedo Vanquisher
Over the trisuit: TYR Torque Elite swimskin

Frame: 2009 Ceepo Venom
Group: Sram Force
Wheels: Reynolds 72 Aeros
Tires/Tubes: Continental GP4000S, 23c. Front tube was standard butyl, rear was Vittoria Latex
Bars: Easton Attack, old version
Saddle: Cobb VFlow Max
Shoes: Specialized TriVent
Pedals: Speedplay Zero
Flat kit: Two spare tubes w/ valve extenders already on, two CO2s, adapter, two tire levers, multi-tool
Bottles: Standard frame bottle with every 4oz marked for hourly caloric intake, 1600cal of EFS Liquid Shot inside. Profile HC horizontal mount on aero bars for water
Helmet: Rudy Project Wingspan
Glasses: Rudy Project Ability

Hat: Last year’s Headsweats Kona finisher hat
Glasses: None
Shoes: Adidas Adios 2, wore socks

Breakfast, 4:15am:
Peanut butter and Nutella sandwich on whole wheat bread = about 640cal
Banana = 100cal
5:30am: 2/3 Clif Bar, 1 SaltStick cap = 160cal
4:15-6:30am: 32oz Gatorade, 40-50oz water = 200cal

On the bike, each hour:
20min: 2oz Vanilla First Endurance EFS Liquid Shot = 160cal
40min: 1/4 Clif Bar = 60cal
60min: 2oz First Endurance EFS Liquid shot
= 380cal/hr
100mg caffeine (half of a pill) at 4hrs, another 100mg at 4:30 into the bike (side note: I had no caffeine for four days leading up to the race and none on race morning)
Water frequently, most likely 30-40oz an hour

On the run:
One gel and one SalStick cap every half hour = 220cal/hr
(Total: three green apple PowerGels, one strawberry banana PowerGel, one Gu Roctane = 135mg caffeine total)
Something at every aid station – If recently had a gel, water, if more than a mile after having gel, course-provided Perform
Coke at about every other aid station for the last 10k, just because it sounded good (and it was!)

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