10/14/12: Kona – Day 5

We had dinner last night on the front patio at the Kona Hula Girl where we’re staying – dinner being Domino’s pizza after we discovered we couldn’t get to Kona Brewing Co due to the race. It was just great to bask in the accomplishment of the day, be outside, and be entirely at peace now that it was all over. My parents were astounded at how long I stayed up, but that seems to be how it goes after such big efforts – you’re kind of wired for awhile, buzzing from the excitement of it all.

As expected, I didn’t sleep well last night – I woke up frequently because any movement was painful. Seriously, everything hurt – neck, traps, shoulders, triceps, lats, my entire back, abs, hamstrings, quads, calves, feet. I didn’t mind though because it reminds me of how hard I worked! 😀

Anywho, Janee and my dad were rad enough to retrieve my bike for me last night and I brought it down to Tribike Transport in the morning to ship back to the mainland. When I got there, I realized I had forgotten to get a pic with the bike on the lava/beach in front of the ocean! I asked a dude who was sitting on the sea wall if he could get a pic of me and he obliged.

After that, we checked out the Kona Farmers’ Market, which had all kinds of good stuff. I wish we could have stayed long enough to try all of the local fruit they had there! Then we headed to the Ironman merch tent where I got a few World Championship branded things (like a *finisher* decal and a pint glass) that I didn’t feel worthy enough to get pre-race. Heck, I’ll admit it – I thought I’d jinx myself if I got any finisher things before finishing…Nothing is a guarantee in Ironman!

The majority of the afternoon was then spent at the beach! We went to Kua Bay Beach State Park and it was beautiful. My parents brought snorkels/goggles from their condo and Janee and I had a blast checking out the sea life among the coral and lava rock. Gosh, it’s so much better swimming around when you have things to look at.

For dinner, we went to Kona Brewing Company. Janee and I ordered a veggie-loaded large pizza, and we can easily split a large no prob at home, but this thing proved to be too much. We took a ton home, but no prob as it gave us less to worry about meal-wise for tomorrow.

When we got back to “our” place, we surprised Janee with a birthday cake – much deserved, as her birthday was the day before the Ironman and there was a lot distracting from it, unfortunately :(. I’m really glad she was legitimately surprised and it’s the very least we could do for her – I look forward to being as selfless as she was over the coming months as she was pre-Ironman!

Our room at Kona Hula Girl condo

Obligatory lava/ocean/bike pic!

Kona Farmers’ Market

The only day we could see all of Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea

Beach at Kua Bay State Park

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