10/12/12: Kona – Day 3

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANEE! My beautiful wife is my everything and has been completely selfless during my preparation for this race. I owe her big time for putting up with some of my high-strung antics…We’ll also be properly celebrating her birthday on Sunday here in Hawaii!

Posted on fb on Friday:

Well, it’s almost go time. The outpouring of support that I’ve gotten from so many people the last few days and months, even from folks I don’t know very well, is incredible to me. I thank all of you, and one of my main goals tomorrow is to honor your well wishes with the absolute best that I can give. We race individually, but all of you will be in my thoughts throughout tomorrow helping to bring me to the line. I completed the toughest training I’ve ever done leading up to this race, at times thinking Bettina (my coach) might be trying to kill me ;). When the training started tapering off, the focus turned to the mental aspect needed for such a tough race and I am confident that I am prepared to suffer with the best of them. But if I suffer, I’m doing it with a smile on my face because I am grateful just to be here. I will take it all in, even if it hurts, and I will enjoy it. Thanks again to each and every one of you for your well wishes and support! Repping RACELAB, NAU, ARIZONA, and OHIO!!!

The foothills of Mauna Kea

It was CRAZY windy the higher up we went, and you can see the blowing dust in this pic

Over 9000′ up on Mauna Kea hiking to a good spot to reflect, make peace, and think about tomorrow

This dude (partially obstructed by the mirror) was riding up from who-knows-where and I’ve gotta hand it to him! It was STEEP and WINDY.

Lava, lava everywhere. Note that we’re above the clouds.

Well, I could see the telescopes at the top when I took this, but you can’t seem to see them in the pic

The bike count gauntlet at bike check-in

Mr. Rasmus Henning, a day before his retirement race

These lizards were everywhere


It’s for real now!

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