Pics from training

This was one of my bigger track workouts, 11mi with warm-up and cool-down, with 2 x (1600 tempo / 8:00 of 30sec hard, 30sec easy / 1600 tempo). Don’t tell anyone I was running shirtless with a HRM strap, visor, and calf sleeves…

Crazy “mushroom” cloud taken on 8/2/12 from East Butler Ave looking towards the N/NE side of Mt Elden

Black Eyed Susan flowers (or something similar) along Lake Mary Road on 8/4/12

Crazy hub flange failure on 7/18/12

Drive side of hub flange failure

Awesome view from Snowbowl on the 4th of July, 2012

4th of July ride 2012, looking west from Snowbowl

Nice view of the San Francisco Peaks from the 180 on 7/4/12

Pic from a rather rainy ride on 7/14/12

8000′ sign far out on the 180

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