IMAZ Thank Yous!

I had an extraordinary amount of support leading up to, and at, Ironman Arizona. I took every comment, well wish, and bit of advice to heart, and on race day I felt as though I had a massive amount of good energy on my side. That energy also got me through many, many of my training sessions. When there are so many that believe in me, skipping workouts just because I’m tired or had a rough day at work seems silly. So to anyone that said “good luck,” let me borrow gear, trained with me…anything, thank you all!

In particular, thanks to:

My parents – Thanks for some good genes, and more importantly, thanks for showing me that the harder you work, the more you’ll get out of whatever you’re doing. Also for being so incredibly supportive – coming all the way to Boston, Clearwater, graduation, and this race.

Janée – Thanks for putting up with my moodiness when the weather or some other external factor (like bee stings!) messed with my training. Thanks for riding the bike with me while I ran 20 freaking miles, for the moral support when I was discouraged, for feeding me some LEGIT food, and for making so many sacrifices throughout the training.

Bettina and Gus Warnholtz, Racelab – Enough can’t be said for how much you guys have helped me. From the training schedules, to the racing team sponsorship, to the constant moral support and encouragement. For a place to stay in the valley. You guys are like my family away from home.

Cory and Judy Hove – While wondering if I’d have enough money to enter IMAZ, Cory offered to pay for my entry. I was speechless. Then, right around the time when Janée and I realized there was a decent chance I’d qualify for Ironman Worlds and that we should start saving for that (you have to pay for entry the day after you qualify), Cory came out of nowhere and offered to pay that entry fee as well. We didn’t mention to a soul that we were starting to save for it and he contacted me about a month before IMAZ with this news, though he stressed that there wasn’t added pressure to make it to Kona haha. Wow, beyond speechless that time. THANK YOU!!!

Training partners – David Rakestraw, NAU’s Cycling Club prez who even rode one of my 5 hour rides with me. Alex Kaufman – also thanks for letting me borrow your bike seat! Frank Smith, Tim Krupa, Skylar Rubalcaba. My Racelab teammates that I got to train with. Patrick Bless – thanks for riding with me and offering Iron-advice!

Eamon Conheady for letting me borrow your trainer for way too long!

Phil Reimer for checking out my bike-fit when I changed saddles!

Kevin Taddonio, Doug MacLean, Bryan Dunn, Lewis Elliot, the Folts bros, Jr Grabinger, and *anyone* that offered advice and/or pushed me in races.

All the day-of course support – Family and friends including the Racelab posse, Trijacks, NAU Cyclin’

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