Ironman Arizona Race Report Part 2: the bike

The most expensive thing I own

Bike – 4:50:51 (23.1mph), off bike in 116th overall and 9th in AG, 11th fastest amateur bike (out of finishers), 2nd fastest bike split in age group.

I started the bike in a dry, two-piece tri suit and was looking forward to getting warm and passing a lot of people. My heart rate was surprisingly low, perhaps another indicator that I swam way too easy, but also a combined result of cool temperatures. I was passing people practically non-stop for the first lap. It seemed like a light headwind out for the gradual long uphill on the Beeline Highway, so it was very fast on the way back. I finished the first 37.4mi lap in 1:34, well under the 1:40 it would take to hit my 5 hour goal. My legs felt kind of awkward for the first half of the lap, probably because my feet were numb (from the swim) and my legs were cold. The second lap was three minutes slower despite a very slightly higher intensity and similar wind conditions, and the legs felt much better. There were significantly fewer people to pass during this lap, so I think that the large number of people that I passed during the first lap perhaps blocked some wind (I passed 635 people during the bike).  The third lap was around 1:45 slower, but the wind had definitely shifted for that one. It was a tailwind up the hill, and a pretty decent headwind back into town. I was very pleased that my legs felt better than any ride I had done in training that was over 100 miles.

As it turned out, only one person that I know of passed me during the bike (conveniently in my age group) – most likely Carl-Johan Leinoff who split a 4:46 and finished 7th in our age group.

My nutrition plan on the bike was – 20min: 2oz First Endurance EFS LS, 40min: 1/5 Clif Bar, 60min: 2oz EFS LS, every hour. That is in addition to roughly 30oz of water per hour. For focus and to change things up a bit, I replaced my 4:20 and 4:40 EFS “feeding” with strawberry banana Powergels, which have 25mg of caffeine each. I was able to carry 1600cal (20oz) of EFS LS in one water bottle mixed with 5oz of water, so I only needed to refill my aero-bottle with water at some aid stations.

Part 3: The Run

One thought on “Ironman Arizona Race Report Part 2: the bike

  1. Perfect race and wonderful report, Josh!
    All the hard work paid off and this is just the start of a very promising carrier. It is a pleasure working with you and I could not be more proud of you!
    Looking forward to many more success stories with you!

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